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With Reflexology I apply pressure to particular points on your feet.  Different points correspond to certain organs, glands, tissues and muscles in your body. With this therapy you can enjoy improved blood circulation, relief from stress, deep relaxation, and pain relief in other parts of the body.

What this treatment can do for you

  1. Reduce your stress and anxiety.
  2. Improve sleep after your foot massage.
  3. Relief from pain.
  4. Reduction of pain from cancer symptoms.
  5. Relief from side effects of chemotherapy.
  6. Help relieve tiredness from multiple sclerosis.
  7. Can help you have less complicated menstrual periods and easier pregnancy.
  8. Helps with high blood pressure.
  9. Prevents you from developing plantar fasciitis.
  10. Relief from headaches and migraines.
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Reflexology for Health and Wellbeing

Although many of my clients come for health reasons including sinus problems, IBS, headaches and migraines, menstrual problems and lots of other conditions, Reflexology can benefit you all. This treatment promotes a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit and is meant to be a relaxing experience. You do not need to have current health problems to enjoy its many benefits. Benefits of reflexology lead to stress relief, deep relaxation and relieving of tension. This will help you get better sleep, improve your mood and give you a better sense of wellbeing.

Is this treatment for you?

So, you may ask yourself is treatment for me? Well, the good news is reflexology is suitable for most adults young and old. However, there are certain conditions where you should not have reflexology. Therefore, your session begins with a consultation that enables me to determine if reflexology is right for you. I put your health first, so you may need to consult your doctor to get permission before your treatment can start. Examples are if you have diabetes, a pacemaker, fungal infection, or a heart condition. If you are unsure about anything, please contact me for advice before booking an appointment. I will keep all your medical and personal information confidential for future treatments.

Please note you should not use reflexology instead of conventional medical care. Consult a health care professional for medical advice.

What happens during a treatment?

Your treatment lasts for 45 minutes. It starts with a consultation before the treatment. The whole session will last for around 75 minutes. The feet are the only part of your body worked on.  You only need to remove your socks and shoes.

After the consultation, I invite you into the treatment room. You are asked to lie on a heated couch, then covered with a blanket to ensure you are warm, relaxed, and comfortable. Reflexology will begin with your feet being cleansed. I use a variety of techniques depending on your needs, as discussed in the consultation. The treatment is not ticklish, so don’t worry if you have sensitive feet. Some clients fall asleep during a treatment. Therefore, don’t worry if you do, because it means you are relaxed.

Once the treatment has finished, you will be given water to drink, I will answer your queries and give you aftercare advice. I also advise you to avoid alcohol and caffeine in the hours after the treatment.

Origins of Reflexology

China has used reflexology for over 5000 years ago as part of their pressure therapies. Egyptian tomb paintings also depict foot massage that shows them massaging the feet. It shows that people use reflexology in many cultures.

Eunice D. Ingham developed modern reflexology from these ancient techniques in the 1930s. It works on the principle that reflex points on the tops, sides and soles of the feet correspond to areas throughout your body. We, as  Reflexologists, work on these reflex points using specific techniques which help correct imbalances in the body.